One of the most moving pieces on everyday cyborg life I have ever read is Sharon Lehner’s essay “My Womb, the Mosh Pit,” which we published in Sexuality and Cyberspace. In fiercely intimate detail, Sharon described how she was introduced to, made familiar with, and ultimately separated from the fetus of her unborn child, entirely through sonogram images. Certain moments of that story—for example, the nurse’s declaration that Sharon’s fetus had a penis that was “standing like the Statue of Liberty”—still resonate with me as examples of the power of gender performativity. Others, such as Sharon’s lament that she was “mourning the death of an image,” remind me of cyborg theorist Sandy Stone’s comment that asking whether  mediated identities are real is similar to “asking where the flame goes once  a candle is blown out.”

Terri Senft 

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